Books for AI – August 2019

Reading is important. I believe we have all heard something like that in our lives. While doing research at college for my degree I remember watching a lot of YouTube videos. I also did a lot of Google searches. Often I found that I understood much of the knowledge of what I had viewed at the time. However, more often than not I found that I had not retained that

Simple Introduction to Machine Learning

The field of Machine Learning isn’t a new one. In the recent decade or so it has really taken off with exciting new research and technologies. Today, we are going to take a brief look at why that is and try to understand the amazing potential of Machine Learning (ML). If you ever wanted to understand what ML can do, but didn’t know where to start, then this is the

Create a Plan to Learn Machine Learning

Today’s post is coming after a brief break from blogging. I had to focus on research for a bit and think about the direction of Red Huli. While this post isn’t a tutorial, I’d like to share my plan with all of you for this site. During my time studying AI and robotics I read numerous books, blogs, or tutorials. I often found myself really wanting to be able to