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Feels good to be writing again.

Today’s post is coming after a brief break from blogging. I had to focus on research for a bit and think about the direction of Red Huli. While this post isn’t a tutorial, I’d like to share my plan with all of you for this site.

During my time studying AI and robotics I read numerous books, blogs, or tutorials. I often found myself really wanting to be able to better express the ideas using my own words, not just the words of others. Or I wanted to delve further into topics and do more research to better understand and practice the logic, math, or programming concepts. Reading books is important, but the brain truly does work better when you are able to explain ideas with your own words, implement your own projects, and teach them to others.

That’s what I hope that the direction of Red Huli will be — one that with time and effort can build a community of individuals who read and practice what they learn here. Then use that information to teach others or to build their own projects.

I’ll start with the basics — building a foundation for machine learning. Followed by explaining various important algorithms or datasets that are used today. There will also be Python tutorials for various algorithms, concepts, or just to practice programming more. I will also be covering deep learning and neural networks in later topics.

Learning Path

Below is a summary of how I plan to learn more about machine learning and programming in the next couple of months.

Image Editor

In June, I am going to be creating a photo editor using Python, the Tkinter module, and OpenCV. The goal is to learn about creating GUIs, practice Python, and learn more about Computer Vision techniques. Python plays an important role in data science and machine learning and it is important to have a good grasp using this powerful language to program.

Using Python for Data Visualization

In July, I would like to start showing how we can use Python to manipulate the data that is given to us and better understand it through visualization techniques.

Machine Learning

Now comes the awesome part — Machine Learning! Here we are going to build a strong foundation and learn from the ground up. And hopefully really understand why machine learning is so important for the future.
We will also learn some amazing algorithms, and learn how to use them on your own datasets in the future.

Web Scraping to Build Our Own Datasets

After learning some of the important concepts about machine learning it is important to start practicing to build your own datasets. With the internet right at your fingertips, why not use that to our advantage? We will learn how to use Python to collect data from websites and create our own data for learning.

Deep Learning

Following our exploration with machine learning and structuring datasets, we will start learning about deep learning. Neural networks have been used for so many topics and areas. This field of research is so exciting and I can’t wait to share it with all of you!

I am thrilled to share these amazing concepts with all of you! It truly is an amazing period of time to be in with the explosion of AI technology.

I hope all of you will follow along here at Red Huli and leave your feedback and ideas. Also, improving the look and layout of Red Huli is important. We’ll be creating our own logo and designing our own web layout in the future to expand our own creative abilities here. Please let us know what you think.

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