Create a Plan to Learn Machine Learning

Today’s post is coming after a brief break from blogging. I had to focus on research for a bit and think about the direction of Red Huli. While this post isn’t a tutorial, I’d like to share my plan with all of you for this site. During my time studying AI and robotics I read numerous books, blogs, or tutorials. I often found myself really wanting to be able to

My Experience Designing a One Day Science and Technology Camp

Last month, I had a friend approach me with an amazing offer. My friend is definitely a very outgoing person, and long story short, she wanted me to help her design a one day science and technology camp for some really awesome children. The task: Design a creative and educational camp that would introduce children to robotics through Project Based Learning (PBL) and Problem Based Learning (PBL), and allow them

Creating a Game in Pygame: Health, Score and Lives

After completing today’s tutorial we will have finished a lot of loose ends in the space shooter. Every game has some kind of display or system to tell the player their current status, such as their health or strength, and some kind of reward system, displaying a score or even giving actual rewards for achieving some goal. These are all used as a way to give the player feedback about

Creating a Game in Pygame: Animating Sprites

There is something magical about animation. Seeing each still image assembled on top of one another with ever so slight variations to create the illusion of movement. And then playing those animations at higher speeds to create a moving picture. I still remember my first game was just a square that could move, but the first time I made it move I knew I loved game making and programming. Today,

Creating a Game in Pygame: Collision Detection and Player Attacks

I finished the last post and got super excited to just keep going today. To recap what we have done so far, we have created our space environment and background, loaded our player’s spaceship, added movement, and made two different kinds of enemies for our player, asteroids and enemy space fighters. Let’s get right into the next tutorial and finally give our player a way to fight back! In today’s

Creating a game in Pygame: Player Movement and Enemy AI (1 of 2)

Enemy AI is an important aspect of any game. Graphics, story, and music can all be drowned out if your game contains some wonky or useless AI or gameplay. Sometimes graphics takes a backseat and the developer can create a memorable experience from gameplay and simple graphics. When you decide to make your first game, think about the users’ experience. Try and think about what adventure you want them to