Tkinter – Radiobutton and Checkbutton Widgets

Today’s tutorial is going to focus on two commonly used Tkinter widgets – Checkbutton and Radiobutton. Buttons can be seen everywhere in GUI applications. They are useful for allowing users to interact with the window, creating options and choices for a user to select. In a previous tutorial we took a look at using the Tkinter Button widget. Creating Checkbutton Widgets Checkbuttons are a very commonly used widget. They are great

When to Use Pack, Place or Grid in Tkinter

Ever wanted to build a UI with Tkinter and Python? Have you ever wondered when you should use pack, place or grid in Tkinter? Or thought, “Which layout manager would make my UI easier to code?” How about, “Which manager would make my UI look better?” Well, today I got you covered with this tutorial! This time we will discuss the three types of layout managers in Tkinter – pack, place,

Books for AI – August 2019

Reading is important. I believe we have all heard something like that in our lives. While doing research at college for my degree I remember watching a lot of YouTube videos. I also did a lot of Google searches. Often I found that I understood much of the knowledge of what I had viewed at the time. However, more often than not I found that I had not retained that

Simple Introduction to Machine Learning

The field of Machine Learning isn’t a new one. In the recent decade or so it has really taken off with exciting new research and technologies. Today, we are going to take a brief look at why that is and try to understand the amazing potential of Machine Learning (ML). If you ever wanted to understand what ML can do, but didn’t know where to start, then this is the

Create Buttons in Tkinter

Originally, the plan for this tutorial was to continue talking about layouts and the different layout managers in Tkinter. I was also going to include the Button widget. But then I started writing the tutorial and it was so jam-packed that I decided to separate them to make things much easier. So today let’s learn about a new and important widget, the Button widget. By the end of this tutorial,

Use Tkinter to Design GUI Layout

Today’s tutorial might be a short, but very important, one when it comes to making a GUI: the layout. Previously, we talked about the basics of getting started with Tkinter – creating the window, and creating a Label to display text or images. However, I found that the layout of the window needed some work as boxes and images didn’t look very organized. So rather than teaching about Buttons or